Out-of-body experiences in VR 

based on real personal events

The gift of strength


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Would you like to try out an extrasensory experience based on real events?

Enjoy your first out-of-body experience in virtual reality.

 Experience the sensation that only a select few have had before you.

 Enter the body of Altarays and travel through her to the astral planes where her soul lives.

 During this first out-of-body experience you’ll travel back to Egypt. But not the Egypt they told you about in history books, definitely not.

 You’ll discover a more mystical and spiritual Egypt where the gods have something to tell you.

Discover for yourself what she felt during this experience and listen to the mission that the gods entrusted to her.

Dare to try it? 

You’ve never experienced anything like this.

Who is Altarays?

Altarays is real and she has a special gift: she can connect with her Self from parallel dimensions.

But to achieve it, she needs someone to act as a catalyst.

And she found that someone in her childhood friend who will be your guide on this experience through mystical Egypt.

What you will experience, the Altarays of the world you live in has already experienced before.

And now you have the opportunity to join them on this incredible experience.

The Egypt that Altarays will show you is the starting point for other out-of-body journeys.

Want to come along for the ride?