Who is Altarays? and because: What have you seen today?

Altarays is a very special person, with unique abilities: he has the ability to astral travel. The origin of these experiences goes back to a very young age, in which Altarays was already able to see what the last moments of their previous lives had been like. Over the years, after much work and effort, he was able to reach other states of consciousness, thus learning to move towards other planes of reality. But Altarays is not only that. This project also receives the same name, in which you will find a record of those experiences, carried out jointly with a childhood friend of hers. Together, they have made the trips recorded in the recording, with the purpose of understanding everything they were experiencing.

How do I see what you are seeing?

Through this record, which works as a kind of guide in audio-book format, to be able to accurately visualize everything that we were perceiving.

What is an astral journey?

An astral journey is a unique experience. A journey that takes place from the projection of the soul towards other planes of consciousness.

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ALTARAYS #0001 – Snake Farm

Maat and Isis carry out a meticulous and very special selection process. The result will be vital for his most immediate future. Discover with Altarays the tests that are carried out and enjoy the trip.

ALTARAYS #002 – The god charges

Altarays discovers that Isis and Maat know very special beings… Like, for example, a God with the head of a cobra.

Do you dare to meet him?

ALTARAYS #003 – Ritual Fire Az

Rituals are a fundamental part of the connection process, and Maat and Isis are great experts in energy manipulation. Discover the great skill they have.

ALTARAYS #0004 – Cobra attack

Isis and Maat are not spared from having enemies, and their pulse does not tremble when it comes to taking the most drastic initiatives against them.

ALTARAYS #0005 – The children

Altarays discovers that Maat and Isis are not the only people inhabiting the temple. Also, one of our girls turns out to be much more unique than we thought until now.

ALTARAYS #0006 – The first sentence

Traveling to another dimension is something extraordinary, but being able to hear some of the phrases pronounced by Maat and Isis, or witnessing the transformation of objects into majestic animals, is even more so.

ALTARAYS #0007 – The flying table and the army of Anubis

The girls prepare for a very “special” mission, while magic becomes more and more present in the story.

ALTARAYS #0008 – The mutants

To engage in war, you need an army, and Maat and Isis’s could not be more powerful. But it’s not how you imagine it.

ALTARAYS #0009 – The attraction of the pyramid and the panthers

A chase allows us to further explore the world in which this story takes place. The girls continue with their particular ‘purge’, while making clear the close bond they have with some ferocious cats.


ALTARAYS #0010 – The children buddhas

At last Altarays is able to understand what Isis and Maat are saying, while discovering a curious ritual in which the children of the temple also participate.